Japanese Soy Sauce

Japanese Soy Sauce is made from premium non GMO whole soybeans and wheat or rice with naturally brewed by modern processing and automatic equipment control. The old Japanese tradition recipe makes our soy sauce products contain rich aroma and oriental flavor suitable for a variety of cooking.

Chinese Soy Sauce

Chinese Soy Sauce is made from a special recipe that has carefully evolved from the original Japanese soy sauce. By modern processing and automatic equipment to control the fermentation condition bring out the highest possible protein and sugar content which create the rich taste and aroma.

Chinese Seasoning Sauce

Dark Soy Sauce and Johin Sweet Soy Sauce are made from Japanese soy sauce base and sugar. From the special recipe bring out delicious taste and great to have around the kitchen. They are condiments that can be used on hundreds of different preparations either as an enhancer or as a primary sauce to enhance the taste and appearance of various dishes.

Hoisin Sauce

Hoisin sauce is made from Japanese soybean paste and good quality of selected spices. From long development of special recipe make our Hosin sauce have special taste and flavor. It is great for improving the taste of many kind of Chinese food such as roasted duck or pork, fried vegetable and barbecue.

Japanese Seasoning Sauce

Japanese seasoning sauce is made from Japanese soy sauce base and other ingredients that help to improve taste and flavor of oriental meal. There are many varieties of Japanese seasoning sauce produced in Northern Food Complex Co.,Ltd such as Teriyaki sauce, Ponzu shoyu, Sushi sauce and etc.

Rice Vinegar

Organic Brown Rice Vinegar is a naturally brewed vinegar made from jasmine brown rice and rice koji. After the yeast fermentation the acetic acid bacteria is added for further fermentation in a control room. It is containing essential amino acids, and is a versatile seasoning. It can be used with cooked vegetables, raw salads, grains and fish. It is traditionally used when making sushi, and helps to balance salt.

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All products above can be supplied in Fairtrade quality.